Computer Vision Lab

Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


We work on various problems in geometric and semantic computer vision, with applications to automotives, robotics and augmented/virtual reality. Some of the current research topics are listed below.

Geometric vision:
  • Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
  • Visual Inertial Odometry
  • Multi-view Stereo Reconstruction
Semantic vision:
  • Visual Tracking of Single/Multiple Objects
  • Semantic Scene Segmentation
  • Image Classification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


  • One paper accepted at PAMI 2018.
  • One paper accepted at ECCV 2018.
  • Two paper accepted at ICRA 2019.
  • One paper accepted at ICCV 2019.
  • One paper accepted at WACV 2020.